Maintenance of wicker patio dining chairs
TIME:2022-04-30 09:33:32 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

1.wicker patio dining chairs Keep moist

The moisture of set of 2 outdoor chairs can not be provided by water, that is, they can not be simply wiped with a wet rag, but professional furniture care essential oil should be selected.

It contains natural orange oil that is easily absorbed by wood fibers, which can lock the moisture in the wood.

wicker patio dining chairs

prevent the wood from cracking and deformation, nourish the wood, make the wood furniture shine again from inside to outside, and prolong the service life of restaurant tables and chairs.

2.wicker patio dining chairs Avoid direct sunlight

If the exquisite round marble table have been exposed to the sun, it is easy to fade locally, affect the luster and beauty, the wood is too dry, and cracks are easy to appear.

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3.Prevent dust

Generally, tables and chairs of high-grade log restaurants made of mahogany, teak, oak and walnut are exquisitely carved decoration.

If they can not be cleaned and removed regularly, ash is easy to accumulate in small gaps, which will affect the beauty. At the same time, dust is a killer for the rapid aging of wicker patio dining chairs.

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