wicker patio dining chairs of various materials
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Living in a flashy and busy city, many people yearn for the life of people with small bridges and flowing water. A proper set of tables and chairs will be the finishing touch of a yard. Put a pair of tables and chairs in the courtyard and rest here in your spare time to keep you away from the noise of the floating world.

1.Material of wicker patio dining chairs

Wood is a common seat material in the courtyard, which has more affinity with the flowers and plants in the courtyard. However, in order to prolong the service life of wooden chairs, hard wood is generally selected, and anti-corrosion treatment should be carried out at the same time.

wicker patio dining chairs

2.Rattan proof wicker patio dining chairs

Because real rattan is not suitable to be placed in the courtyard, anti rattan tables and chairs appear, which not only makes up for some material defects of real rattan, but also plays a good beautifying role.

Moreover, the plasticity of anti rattan is very strong, and the overall effect is the same as that of real rattan. There are more choices in style and texture than real rattan, which meets the ideas and needs of different people.

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3.wicker patio dining chairs

Courtyard tables and chairs combined with rattan and iron are more popular outdoor furniture. They are not only suitable in material, but also better in appearance, both rigid and soft.

4.Wrought iron furniture

Another common courtyard table and chair is iron table and chair, which is especially suitable for use in summer. You can feel the cold of iron and dissipate the heat in an instant.

Iron art has many choices in modeling, because it is easy to create furniture of various styles. In addition, the selection of tables and chairs should also be considered comprehensively.

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Generally, outdoor ones will choose rattan iron, iron art and anti rattan, which can be exposed to the sun for a long time and are not afraid of rainy days. Other materials should be carefully selected.

When purchasing iron tables and chairs, pay attention to whether they have been treated with rust removal, rust prevention and moisture-proof, and whether the surface of tables and chairs is smooth.

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