garden dining chairs is not afraid of wind and rain
TIME:2022-04-30 09:43:49 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    garden dining chairs, as the name suggests, is the furniture placed in the outdoor space, which is inevitably exposed to rain.

    Therefore, in terms of material selection, the selection of garden dining chairs will be more cautious, which can not only not destroy the outdoor atmosphere, but also protect against sun and corrosion. Wood, rattan and iron materials are undoubtedly the first choice of vintage iron chairs materials.

    garden dining chairs

    The warm wood has a warm, simple and smooth texture, which makes the furniture have a beautiful natural style and give people a fresh visual feeling integrated with the environment.

    garden dining chairs can well withstand the test of years, and has the flavor of retro and fashion. It is integrated into the outdoor space, and the beauty without adding is more natural.

    E-catalogue 16-10-1_副本.jpg

    Pure natural woven materials are often used in outdoor furniture, rattan, rope and linen fabrics to create a very tactile combination.

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    The natural feeling of cane makes the chair echo with the outdoor environment.The layout can be combined in a variety of ways. Just like the magic cube, it can be combined at will according to your own wishes.

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