outdoor chair cushions set of 6 into natural life
TIME:2021-09-18 14:50:03 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

The children's paradise is made of solid wood and soft leather backrest. It is very suitable for children to play the game of "sitting in rows and eating fruits". If the sun is particularly strong, you can put a sunshade on it to create more shade.

1.outdoor chair cushions set of 6 into nature

The natural rattan art treated by special technology and the fresh and elegant tone make people feel cool.

outdoor chair cushions set of 6

The designer arranged a garden full of pastoral atmosphere by using the characteristics of light and generous rattan patio furniture, fine interweaving and simple and refreshing. Enjoy a family lunch here, which will certainly impress the guests.

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2.Luxury your outdoor chair cushions set of 6

Even if you can't travel abroad and live in your own yard, this sofa with awning can bring exotic customs to you. It can isolate the hot sun and ultraviolet rays, and provide you with a private space to enhance your sense of security.

The outdoor chair cushions set of 6 is easy to move. You can enjoy the fun of "leaning against the big tree to enjoy the cool" in your own yard.

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The optional use can not only satisfy your desire to lie down, but also be used for two people to have a knee rattan patio chairs conversation or many people to play cards, drink tea and chat.

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