Collocation between outdoor patio sofa set and tea table
TIME:2022-04-30 10:00:25 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    For the collocation of outdoor patio sofa set and tea table, it mainly depends on what style your space is. Different styles have different tea tables. It also depends on whether you want the tea table to pay attention to storage or display.

    The stone top end tables has many styles, which also increases the difficulty of matching the sofa coffee table. Usually, we should match the sofa tables of the same style to make the whole space look more coordinated and unified.

    outdoor patio sofa set

    The tea table is ideal for rectangle and ellipse, and round is OK. It is not suitable for diamond tea table with sharp corners.

    If the space of outdoor patio sofa set is not enough, you can also put the tea table next to the sofa, so as to effectively shorten the distance between sofa and tea table and make it more convenient, and the allocation between sofa and tea table is also more reasonable.

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    The size of sofa coffee table is exquisite

    1.The size of sofa coffee table should be coordinated with the size of sofa, generally not too high.

    E-catalogue 16-4_副本.jpg

    2.The table top of the outdoor patio sofa set coffee table should be slightly higher than the cushion of the sofa, not higher than the height of the armrest of the granite outdoor table.

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