What is the best material for rattan outdoor corner sofa
TIME:2022-05-05 10:26:44 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

These three materials are recommended for rattan outdoor corner sofa. There is no need to worry about the wind and sun in outdoor use.

1.Aluminum alloy furniture

Generally, aluminum alloy shall be used as the frame, and aluminum alloy material with baking paint and waterproof treatment shall be selected, which can withstand outdoor wind and rain.

rattan outdoor corner sofa

2.Rattan furniture

rattan outdoor corner sofa is easy to crack and deform, and raw materials are scarce. Therefore, outdoor use of PE vine, smooth and delicate surface, bright and clean, high strength, good flexibility, strong permeability, anti-aging, UV resistance, strong heat and humidity resistance, mildew resistant, not easy to dry crack deformation, not easy to fade.

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3.Cast aluminum outdoor sofa chair

There are two processes: sand casting aluminum and die casting. Sand casting has rough surface, low strength and hardness.

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Die casting products have high dimensional accuracy, no pore defects, smooth and delicate surface, and the strength is 25-30% of that of sand cast aluminum. Therefore, for the outdoor sofa set sale that consumers use outdoors, it is best to choose rattan outdoor corner sofa.

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