wrought iron folding chairs to make the open air more exciting
TIME:2022-05-05 10:28:46 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    Decorate your own outdoor space in a way you like, enjoy the sunshine and experience unexpected comfort and satisfaction.

    With gorgeous potted plants and wrought iron folding chairs, the terrace is transformed into a recreation room. It is so pleasant to play with potted plants, talk, laugh, chat or rest and nap here.

    wrought iron folding chairs

    Flowers and plants: decorate the terrace with potted plants. Red geranium, pink Impatiens, pink and purple Petunia and a group of brocade perilla all add a cheerful tone to the terrace.

    Panes: Wooden panes can be bought or customized in the flower market. This classical French lattice is full of pastoral flavor and provides a climbing place for vines.

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    Chair: wrought iron folding chairs and sitting and lying chair. The beauty couch is never tired of people. The hand-made birch armchair exudes a charming natural atmosphere. In addition to being beautiful, the seat cushion should be made of waterproof and sunscreen materials.

    Flower rack: pine flower rack is practical and beautiful. Potted plants can be conveniently placed on the table. The drawer below is used to place corner rattan furniture. A grid at the back of the flower rack can be used flexibly according to needs.

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    Cushions: comfortable seats are indispensable for wrought iron folding chairs. In addition to cheerful colors, wear-resistant and rainproof performance are also the key to choice. The bright color of striped black wrought iron chairs brings pleasant psychological feeling, and yellow green and orange also set off the flowers and green leaves of the terrace.

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