Main advantages of outdoor table chair set
TIME:2022-05-05 10:29:25 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    1.Rattan outdoor table chair set: rattan proof is more durable than natural rattan, with better waterproof, wind and sun resistance and easier maintenance.

    2.Aluminum alloy tables and chairs: aluminum alloy small rattan chair are the mainstream of outdoor leisure tables and chairs. The main reason is that they are waterproof and not easy to be corroded by the environment.

    outdoor table chair set

    3.Solid wood tables and chairs. Solid wood has good hand feel and strong environmental protection, but it also has many disadvantages. It is easy to crack and peel when placed outdoors for a long time, so the surface of general solid wood outdoor tables and chairs should be treated. In recent years, due to the rise of log prices, the prices of solid wood tables and chairs have also risen.

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    4.Plastic outdoor table chair set. Plastic has excellent waterproof and oil stain resistance, so it is common in large stalls and other places. It is also commonly used in wet places such as beaches and swimming pools. Many people think that plastic tables and chairs are too thin and not strong enough, but this is not the case. Plastic reclining chairs and plastic chairs are very strong and have a long service life. However, it becomes brittle and easy to crack in winter, so it is necessary to take back the warehouse in time.

    5.Environmentally friendly wooden tables and chairs. Good environmentally friendly wooden metal outdoor table set have been tested by relevant national departments. They are not easy to bubble and have no peculiar smell when used outdoors. They have been widely used at home and abroad in recent years.

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    6.Cast aluminum cast iron outdoor table chair set look heavy and noble, and its depth and width design are very moderate. People will not feel crowded when sitting. Cast aluminum series can generally be used for more than ten years without discoloration, which is very practical.

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