Main functions and outdoor table chair set
TIME:2022-05-05 10:30:49 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    outdoor table chair set are tables and chairs used outdoors to provide a comfortable space for people to rest outdoors.

    Outdoor furniture appears in the market as a new life of the furniture industry, and outdoor tables and chairs are the mainstream products in the outdoor furniture industry. Outdoor tables and chairs are a new fashion in outdoor furniture, reflecting people's leisure and relaxed life.

    outdoor table chair set

    1.Rattan woven outdoor rocking chair set: tables and chairs made of imitation rattan woven with organic chemical compounds as raw materials.

    2.Aluminum alloy tables and chairs: the frame is aluminum alloy, which can be divided into double pipe and single pipe. The structure of double pipe is more solid and stable.

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    3.Solid wood tables and chairs: solid wood tables and chairs include many classifications according to different materials, such as Fraxinus mandshurica, jujube, walnut, teak, oak, sandalwood, etc.

    4.Plastic outdoor table chair set. Light weight, can bear great strength, strong impact resistance and durability.

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    5.Environmental protection wood tables and chairs: also known as environmental protection wood tables and chairs or plastic wood tables and chairs and glue tables and chairs. In general, it is a synthetic external image, a material of solid wood, and then made into gray outdoor rocking chair.

    6.Cast aluminum cast iron outdoor table chair set. Cast tables and chairs are upstarts in outdoor leisure tables and chairs. They have elegant shape, excellent performance, solid structure and noble atmosphere. They are mostly used in high-end villas and private gardens.

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