How to paint rattan table and chairs set
TIME:2022-05-05 10:33:05 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    rattan table and chairs set is often painted or dyed. If it is dirty, it needs regular cleaning, but if the cleaning still can't make it as new, it can be cleaned by "wiping" method or brushed with a thin coat of paint, which can usually remove the stains.

    rattan table and chairs set

    However, if there is no paint at home, rattan table and chairs set is not necessary. Shovel off the local stains and apply the paint, or just apply the paint all over. When you want to shovel off the stain, dip it with a good oily pigment, and then apply the paint.

    It's best to repaint after cleaning. The rolled and damaged paint can be used by "wiping" hair method. The rattan back chair used are the same as those described above. Sometimes liquid detergent is required. The scrubbing time should be long enough.

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    Therefore, it is necessary to mop it with a brush, but it can't be scraped off on the surface like rattan table and chairs set. It should be tilted, The tightly woven part is above, so the remaining liquid will flow to the loosely woven part and will not accumulate on the tightly woven part.

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    After the rattan furniture is dry, the next step is to paint again. It is best to use spraying method for paint, so that all corners and recesses can be painted, and then spray paint after dyeing. Attention shall be paid to prevent polyurethane from curing into a plastic surface layer, which is hard and brittle and may cause cracks on all bending parts.

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