Maintenance method of rattan table and chairs set
TIME:2021-10-12 16:06:54 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    rattan table and chairs set becomes dirty, dusty and even damaged after being used for a period of time, which needs cleaning and maintenance.

    rattan table and chairs set

    cube rattan furniture can absorb a certain amount of water, but if it absorbs too much water, it will become soft, loose structure and sagging plane. The advantage of rattan furniture is that it will restore its original shape and size after drying.

    Therefore, it is important that when rattan table and chairs set is damp, its weaving shape and its gap cannot be deformed, because when it is dry, the rattan will shrink to its original size.

    rattan table and chairs set

    Cleaning rattan furniture is not a complicated thing. Vegetable oil and soap are the best cleaners. We can also use disodium phosphate as a cleaner.

    Some tools at hand, such as wicker and toothbrush, or paint brush, can cut the hard hair of the paint brush in half to become a small brush.

    E-catalogue 17-10-2_副本.jpg

    The latter two are like a nail brush, while the former is like a thin tip of a pencil, which can be sharpened in a pencil sharpener and bitten with them to remove the dirt embedded in the rattan table and chairs set.

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