Innovative forms of iron table and chairs outdoor
TIME:2022-05-05 10:35:28 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    Chinese neoclassicism: Oriental culture stresses the combination of content and form, pursues nature, simplicity, healthy beauty and Chinese style

    Ge covers a profound cultural connotation and has a lot of roots with the traditional Buddhist and Taoist culture.

    iron table and chairs outdoor

    On the basis of understanding and mastering the decorative elements of iron table and chairs outdoor, contemporary furniture designers refine their classic elements and integrate the decorative techniques of CAMC furniture into outdoor side table design, which is also the inheritance and innovation of iron table and chairs outdoor.

    Chinese neoclassical style: it is mainly the interpretation of the cultural significance of Chinese traditional style under the current era background, and it is the contemporary design based on the full understanding of Chinese contemporary culture.

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     Chinese neoclassical style is not a pile of pure elements, but through the understanding of traditional culture, combines modern elements and traditional elements, and creates things with traditional charm with the aesthetic needs of modern people, so that traditional art can be properly reflected in today's society.

    iron table and chairs outdoor pays attention to simple and smooth lines and exquisite internal design. Through the characteristics of Chinese style, express the implicit and dignified Oriental spiritual realm.

    garden furniture sets is suitable for people who are calm and like Chinese traditional culture.

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    Accessories features: Neoclassical Chinese style accessories are mainly porcelain, pottery, Chinese window flowers, calligraphy and painting, cloth art and Chinese classical articles with certain meanings.

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