The type of hotel determines iron table and chairs outdoor
TIME:2022-05-05 10:36:17 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    The hotel designer determines the main style of the space, and our iron table and chairs outdoor company locates the style of the matched activity products according to its main style.

    The products of business hotels are mainly business functions. Most of the modern classic styles are in the city center. The room area is small, and the furniture is mainly simple and modern.

    iron table and chairs outdoor

    Holiday Hotel: it mainly receives guests on vacation and is mostly built near the seashore, hot springs and scenery. Therefore, wet and corrosion-resistant materials and furniture with more leisure flavor, such as iron table and chairs outdoor and outdoor rattan art furniture, should be considered, emphasizing natural wind.

    Sightseeing Hotels: mainly serve tourists, so most of them have unique hotels to attract tourists from all over the world. These hotels have unified signs. The furniture configuration of these hotels is based on the original design. It should not be too popular. It is more artistic and local, which makes a deep impression on tourists.

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    The most prominent cultural feature of hotel furniture is the configuration of lobby furniture. The style of lobby will be completely different due to different hotel types. The lobby furniture is mostly leisure, decorative and personalized, giving visitors a refreshing feeling, that is, elegant, comfortable and pleasing to the eye.

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    In order to ensure the unity and matching of the hotel style, the hotel management company invites more professional hotel design companies to configure the hotel furniture and transfer the matched scheme to the bidding production of the corresponding furniture companies. We can do as required. The iron table and chairs outdoor shall be further designed completely according to the design of Party A.

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