How to rearrange metal garden chairs
TIME:2022-05-05 14:42:12 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    If you want to update the layout of outdoor space, the simplest way is to replace small items such as bags, cushions and metal garden chairs. Save the trouble of moving heavy objects.

    Before replacing outdoor furniture with soft decorations such as new bags and cushions. Try the following cleaning methods to give your furniture a new look.

    metal garden chairs

    Wood products (teak and rattan products)Use mild oily soap and warm water. If you prepare the detergent yourself, mix 60ml ammonia, two spoonfuls of white vinegar and 0.9l warm water.

    Generally, the purchased wicker garden furniture cleaner has obvious effect. Before use, you should carefully read the manual to explain that rattan products and painted wood products may need to dilute the solution in advance.

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    The metal garden chairs can be polished once a year and re painted with a protective layer of oil, colorant and polyurethane coating.

    Rinse rattan products with water pipes every few weeks to prevent dust from being stored in the gaps of rattan products. Regularly wipe off the dust, debris and excess watermark on the metal garden chairs is the best way to protect it.

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