outside coffee table should be placed first
TIME:2022-05-05 15:01:43 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    The first consideration is space. The function of outside coffee table is very simple and direct. It is more for our outdoor leisure services, so we can't occupy too much space. In other words, outdoor furniture should match our outdoor activity space, form a reasonable proportion and leave enough activity space.

    The other point is the placement position and environment, which means whether the outdoor high table is directly placed in the open environment, whether it is directly placed on the grass, whether there is a sunshade, whether there is a terrace.

    iron folding chair

    Because the grassland is wet, it is not suitable to use moisture absorbing wooden materials, and the absence of sunshade may lead to direct sunlight and exposure, so it is not suitable for wooden materials that are easy to crack. All these determine the best choice of outdoor furniture materials.

    Because these outside coffee table need to be placed outdoors for a long time, the requirements for materials and technology will be improved when selecting. And they generally have the characteristics of high temperature resistance, ultraviolet resistance, rain proof water and aging resistance.

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    In the past, only outside coffee table could be used. We should not pay too much attention to it. Even if we put cushions, we should put them indoors as long as it is possible to rain. Nowadays, with the expansion of iron folding chair market, we have more and more choices, diversified materials, fashionable design, and the performance can be completely consistent with that of indoor use.

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    Now, the new outdoor seats are based on iron art and decorated with rattan weaving and cloth art, pursuing the route of modern minimalism. The style created can easily fit the trend of both tradition and creativity.

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