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In many people's memory, there is a childhood yard, where there are the most walmart outdoor chairs, long benches, clapping, wooden tables and chatting. Mounds, lawns, swings, and endless flowers... Enjoy flowers in spring, enjoy the cool in summer, bask in the valley in autumn, and play with snow in winter.

After growing up, the simple garden in childhood has become fashionable with the changes of the times. outside coffee table, wooden swings, elegant card seats... More and more courtyard furniture have been moved into it.

outside coffee table

It is necessary to build a children's paradise in the courtyard. In order to give children a happy childhood, it is necessary to build a large lawn. The lawn has slight ups and downs. There are swings on the lawn, lovely bears on the swing, and a picnic pad under the swing. The children are free to run, play and chase here without worrying about their safety.

1. Pay attention to reinforcement

Safety is a key issue that can not be ignored. For courtyard furniture, we should pay more attention to the choice of connection, because it is related to the firmness of outside coffee table. We should not fall apart when the wind blows, but should be firmly connected with the ground.

In the connection of outdoor furniture parts, tenon or metal parts are usually used now. Tenon furniture with good technology also has the beauty of pastoral nature and structure.

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2. Weather

First of all, we should understand the weather of the city where we live. For example, in cities where there are often strong winds, rain and snow, try not to choose lightweight outside coffee table such as aluminum or plastic, so it is easy to be blown away by wind and rain.

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