Various collocations of garden coffee table set
TIME:2021-10-20 10:19:03 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

1.Mixed knowledge

It is suggested to mix and match indoor and outdoor cloth materials, and bring the indoor table towel outdoors to create a completely different atmosphere. But it's not a good match. It's best to maintain the harmony of colors so as not to be too chaotic.

garden coffee table set

2.Flexible use of existing objects

Move the garden coffee table set indoors, move the black wicker patio chairs outside, and use the outdoor chair as the chair of the indoor dining table. The result of the mix and match is that if many people come to my house, each chair can be used at will. Like in summer, you can move the table outside.

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3.Organic elements

In order not to conflict with the beauty of nature, try to integrate organic earth campuses, such as wood, cotton and linen. garden coffee table set These materials look good. If you want to balance these materials, you can match them with brightly colored fruits, plants, glass bowls and lanterns.

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4.Dining under the stars

All kinds of designs will reflect their own style. Since the summer night is cool, it is more suitable to eat out. At this time, the design of terrace or courtyard is very important. garden coffee table set In addition to sharing the cleverness of outdoor design with relatives and friends, we can also feel the beauty of bathing in the starlight.

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