Different materials of table garden set maintenance methods
TIME:2022-05-07 08:54:50 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    The table garden set also needs to pay attention to sunscreen. At the beginning of the house purchase, the south direction was selected. The living room and two bedrooms all want to live in the South Dynasty. However, the sun is severe in summer. It is obvious that the rattan chairs, iron art and sofas are a little aging and fading. Are the furniture afraid of the sun?

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    No furniture is not afraid of sun exposure. Furniture of different materials has exclusive sunscreen maintenance methods. Summer is indeed a key period for the maintenance of all kinds of furniture.

    As the temperature rises and the daytime exposure of round stone dining table is easy to cause the aging and damage of furniture, when summer comes, if there is furniture exposed to the sun for a long time, in addition to removing the furniture, the most preferred solution is to use curtains and other items to block the sun. In fact, there is no need for heavy curtains. Even a layer of gauze can prevent the furniture from being directly exposed to the sun, Reduce the degree of aging and damage.

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    In fact, except for specially treated table garden set, almost no furniture is not afraid of exposure. However, different materials of furniture are very different in sunscreen and maintenance. Sunscreen and maintenance measures should be determined according to the material.

    black wicker patio chairs usually goes through the detection and treatment of water content, but some carved furniture with complex technology does not necessarily include this step. Exposure to the sun can easily cause aging and even cracks. What we can do is to keep it away from heat sources and air conditioning vents, because the huge temperature difference has always been an important reason for the aging and damage of table garden set. In addition to avoiding the light, you can also apply some wax or paraffin on the edges and bottom of drawers and sliding doors to save the losses caused by cracks.

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     The exposure of cloth sofa will make the cloth sofa tight and cracked, or seriously fade, resulting in the problem of uneven color. The "appearance" of cloth sofa will be basically discarded after long-term exposure.

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