Easy to use and inexpensive patio dining table
TIME:2022-05-07 09:16:43 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

Now many people pursue leisure life after work, which also leads to the increasing demand for outdoor leisure patio dining table.

 It enriches outdoor leisure life and can be close to nature and relax. Based on this demand. There are more and more choices of garden coffee table set in the market.

patio dining table

At present, there are rattan tables and chairs, solid wood tables and chairs, cast tables and chairs, PS imitation wood tables and chairs and aluminum alloy glass tables.

1. Outdoor rattan patio dining table

Rattan tables and chairs are made of metal as the skeleton and rattan. PE rattan is more suitable for outdoor, which can be waterproof and anticorrosive, and also has good air permeability.

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Other secondary recovery rattan and PVC rattan are similar to PE rattan in appearance, but their performance will be poor. In addition, the price is different according to the different skeleton materials of rattan tables and chairs.

2. Outdoor patio dining table

The appearance of solid wood tables and chairs using wood as raw materials is relatively simple and calm. Due to the different quality of wood used, the starting price varies greatly.

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Teak is the best wood, but the price is expensive, because the wood is easy to crack and deform in a dry environment. Therefore, iron garden chairs and table are not suitable for outdoor use in the north, which is not easy to maintain.

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