What patio dining table is not easy to rust
TIME:2022-05-07 09:20:38 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

1. Outdoor cast patio dining table

Cast aluminum tables and chairs are not easy to rust. They are cheap and durable. They are widely used in families and hotels.

patio dining table

Cast aluminum tables and chairs can be divided into cast iron and cast iron, which have little difference in appearance, and the process requirements of cast iron will be higher.

When purchasing cast aluminum tables and chairs, pay attention to that some manufacturers add sand to the materials, which looks stronger, but it is easy to break when using.

2. Outdoor PS imitation patio dining table

PS imitation wood tables and chairs, also known as environmental protection wood tables and chairs, are made of synthetic materials.

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High quality environmental protection wood tables and chairs will not produce peculiar smell or bubbles when used outdoors. After exposure to the sun, bad smell and bubbles may endanger health. Pay attention to distinguish them when buying.

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In addition, in recent years, outdoor tables and chairs made of metal and glass are loved by many people because they are cheaper and more suitable for outdoor use. Other relaxing and patio dining table such as recliner and swing are also commonly used in outdoor activities.

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