Display of pastoral style patio side table
TIME:2022-05-09 10:01:03 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    With the development of modern society and the acceleration of the pace of urban people, antique wrought iron chairs have a strong desire to return to nature. The rural style home decoration is more and more respected and pursued by young people because of its fresh and natural characteristics.

    patio side table

    The pastoral style home emphasizes the natural beauty. The decorative materials are all made of natural materials, such as bamboo, patio side table, cotton, hemp, silk fabric, pottery, brick and stone decorations, and rural theme decorative paintings. Everything that has not been artificially carved has affinity and does not need to be carefully carved. Even if it is rough, it is a natural expression.

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    The Chinese pastoral style pays attention to the humanistic atmosphere and the sense of natural Appropriateness. The bamboo, rattan, stone and flower camp create an elegant space for the host and guest. patio side table In the color matching of the Chinese pastoral style, there is no very jumping and prominent color, and everything is peaceful and moderate.

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    European pastoral style pays attention to beautiful lines, soft colors, patio side table, small broken cloth, fireplace, wall lamp and other accessories, trying to create a warm, comfortable and gorgeous feeling. European round patio table set is also divided into English pastoral, French pastoral and so on.

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