Environmental requirements for black garden chairs
TIME:2021-11-03 10:04:55 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

Parks, communities, shopping malls and other leisure places are used for people's leisure and rest.

1. black garden chairs Use and maintenance

In the process of using the leisure chair, mastering the correct use and maintenance knowledge can not only make the leisure chair look as clean as new, but also prolong the service life of the leisure chair.

black garden chairs

2. Service environment requirements

During the use of tall outdoor chairs, especially wooden leisure chairs, it is required to maintain a certain indoor temperature and corresponding humidity.

For the newly bought leisure chair, it is recommended that you maintain a certain ventilation in addition to the indoor.

In addition, black garden chairs shall be protected from direct sunlight to avoid discoloration of furniture surface or cracking and deformation of furniture. If air conditioning is used indoors, the indoor relative humidity shall be kept at about 60%.

 If possible, some flowers and plants or ornamental fish can be cultivated indoors to appropriately increase the indoor humidity.

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3. black garden chairs Regular maintenance

The surface paint film coating of leisure chair not only plays the role of decorating and beautifying the surface, but also maintaining the surface.

 Therefore, the surface painting should be polished and cleaned regularly. It is recommended that you generally do it once every three months.

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 First wipe the dust and dirt on the furniture surface with a wet soft towel, and then polish the garden relaxer chairs gently with furniture wax or liquid wax.

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