wicker and rattan chairs depends on workmanship
TIME:2022-05-09 10:03:19 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    wicker and rattan chairs The surface of the steel pipe with plastic spraying process has high hardness, more wear-resistant and more luster. If the paint baking process is adopted, the surface of the steel pipe is prone to scratch, which leads to oxidation, rust and no luster.

     If you still can't imagine the outdoor furniture table set plastic spraying process, the surface treatment of the advanced anti-theft door you know will certainly use the plastic spraying process, so it can be customized according to your needs.

    wicker and rattan chairs

    wicker and rattan chairs Quality comes from details. Due to different factory equipment and technology, there is also a gap in details.

     There are two main points to pay attention to: one is whether the steel pipe is rough and burr, and the other is whether the movable joint of the steel pipe is arc treated. table garden set If these details are ignored, hands and feet will be easily scratched by sharp burrs or sharp angles during use.

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    The meaning of leisure chair itself lies in comfort. wicker and rattan chairs We need to pay special attention in customization, so that we can enjoy the pleasant leisure time in life.

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