Maintenance skills of 2 seater outdoor sofa
TIME:2022-05-09 10:37:04 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    1.The leather of the two seater outdoor sofa is easy to harden and change color by strong light and heat, so we should put it in a cool place, but that place can't be too wet, because the leather is easy to damp and mildew, so it's best to put the sofa in a cool and dry place.

    2.Remember not to jump around on the leather sofa and don't put hard objects on the leather surface, which is easy to damage the leather surface.

    two seater outdoor sofa

    3.If you want to move the patio table chairs, you should grasp the bottom of the sofa, not its skin, which will damage the skin.

    4.It's best to choose some soft sofa cushions to place them, which will be damaged by friction.

    5.Irregular sitting hair is easy to damage the two seater outdoor sofa, such as sitting on the armrest of the leather sofa or on the edge of its seat.

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    6.Do not use soapy water, detergent, care wax, etc. to clean and maintain the leather sofa. Soapy water, cleaning essence and other cleaning products can not effectively remove the dust accumulated on the surface. They are corrosive to a certain extent, which will damage the furniture surface and make the furniture dull.

    Because leather sofa is not better than solid wood sofa and cloth sofa. There is a layer of leather on the surface of two seater outdoor sofa.

    Originally, this kind of thing is easy to crack, not to mention it is installed on the sofa. We still sit on it every day?

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    The leather sofa is more likely to crack, so when we use the leather sofa, we must maintain and clean the outdoor sofa set sale regularly Only in this way can we prevent and prevent the cracking of leather sofa in great process 2, and better prolong the service life of leather sofa. Avoid cracking of leather sofa and affect the overall aesthetics.

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