Precautions for using white garden chairs
TIME:2022-05-10 14:48:25 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    When using the white garden chairs, don't just sit down in the fixed position, otherwise it will cause serious wear at one position of the sofa and serious depression of the cushion.

    When placing the outside table chairs, it needs to leave a distance of about one centimeter from the wall, so as to keep it from rubbing with the wall and eventually lead to its wear.

    white garden chairs

    If there is dirt on the white garden chairs, special attention should be paid during cleaning. If it is ordinary fabric, it can be cleaned by yourself.

     If it is velvet or other advanced fabric, it is also recommended to go to a professional washing place for dry cleaning.

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    The above introduces the relevant knowledge of cloth sofa and maintenance. Compared with what we have learned, if you are using outdoor bistro chairs, you can maintain it according to the above methods, so that the service life of cloth sofa can be extended to the greatest extent.

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    Here we need to remind you that if you ignore the difficult white garden chairs maintenance in daily life. Even in terms of quality, its service life will be shortened due to the negligence of users.

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