Sunscreen degree of black wicker rocking chairs
TIME:2022-05-11 10:08:52 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    When black wicker rocking chairs are placed in the outdoor environment, it is inevitable that they will be exposed to the sun. Will stone side table, like other outdoor furniture, need to avoid direct sunlight for a long time?

    In the advantages of cast aluminum tables and chairs, it is mentioned that cast aluminum tables and chairs are a kind of black wicker rocking chairs.

    black wicker rocking chairs

    In fact, it also has strong sunscreen. As a kind of excellent outdoor furniture, cast aluminum tables and chairs have good performance in sunscreen performance. Generally speaking, outdoor exposure is not easy to lead to the fading of wicker side chairs.

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     In addition, the material of cast aluminum tables and chairs has the advantage of fast heat dissipation, will not concentrate the heat on the black wicker rocking chairs for a long time, and effectively prevents the damage of strong light to it.

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