coffee shop chair and table maintenance tips
TIME:2021-12-07 15:25:54 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    It is inevitable to encounter some problems in the use of the coffee shop chair and table. Here are some tips for you. The color of the wooden dining table and chair surface is damaged by the soup.

    You can use a hot rag to remove the dirt. When repairing with fuel, you need to wipe the dirt first and then use special dyes to supplement the color.

    coffee shop chair and table

    For cloth, use a brush to dip the soapy water with a concentration of 5% to brush off the stains, and then wipe them dry with a clean rag.

    E-catalogue 17-9_副本.jpg

    If the coffee shop chair and table is scratched, use dye to supplement the color at the scratch first, and then spray bright wax evenly after the dye is dry.

    E-catalogue 17-15_副本.jpg

    The use of wood floor repair fluid can also easily remove the slight scratches on tables and chairs, clean the gaps between tables and chairs, and use honey to paint the dirty things in the gaps, and then clean them with a vacuum cleaner. This method is more practical for coffee shop chair and table.

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