How to buy coffee shop chair and table
TIME:2021-12-07 15:40:00 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    The purchase of coffee shop chair and table is also a kind of knowledge. When we choose, we should not only look at the price, but also look at the quality of products. Only when we merge inside and outside can we choose a product with high price.

    coffee shop chair and table

    When buying, if you see the right style; First, try to feel comfortable sitting on the dining chair. If your arms can be placed naturally on the desktop, it is better to avoid choosing a dining chair higher than 450mm high, because it is not very comfortable for female friends.

     In order to meet the use of consumers of different heights, it is recommended to choose a dining chair with a coffee shop chair and table surface, and it is best to choose supporting dining chair products at the same time.

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    It will be more convenient to use. Secondly, it depends on the firmness of tables and chairs. The use frequency of hotel tables and chairs is high, and more attention should be paid to the materials and splicing methods of chairs.

     Generally speaking, the traditional tenon and mortise structure is relatively firm, and the tables and chairs made of elm, beech and other wood are also relatively firm.

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    Finally, in addition to trying to sit, feel whether the chair shakes. It can also be judged by observing whether the chair leg has dam joint or crack repair trace. The coffee shop chair and table leg and support parts shall not have scar joint and crack materials, otherwise the service life will be affected.

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