Types of coffee shop chair and table
TIME:2021-12-07 15:42:02 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

1.Round table coffee shop chair and table

In the hotel space design, round wooden tables are mostly used in private rooms and large halls,

coffee shop chair and table

2.Square table

The square table has certain flexibility and can be placed and used even in a small space.

E-catalogue 17-19_副本.jpg

3.Open and coffee shop chair and table

The open and close table can stretch freely and meet a variety of needs. It can realize multi person dining through stretching. The open and close table has a long history and is deeply loved by consumers.

E-catalogue 17-19-1_副本.jpg

The coffee shop chair and table is very easy to open and easy to put away, so that the size of the space can be well controlled, which solves the problem of crowding for the banquet with an increasing number of people. After the dining table is opened, the dining space can be increased by adding dining chairs.

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