Importance of regular maintenance of terrazzo side table
TIME:2021-12-13 15:26:32 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

1. terrazzo side table Regular dust removal and cleaning

The accumulation of fine dust will accelerate the aging speed of furniture if it is not cleaned frequently.

terrazzo side table

Wooden furniture: it is best to use special scratch resistant cleaning and protection agent for maintenance. Never use water-soluble solutions containing gasoline or alcohol to wipe the furniture.

terrazzo side table: wipe it with a clean wet sponge dipped with special neutral detergent, and then let it dry naturally. Pay attention not to scrub it with water or dry it with hair dryer. Remember not to rub it vigorously when wiping, so as not to damage the epidermis.

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Metal furniture: try to use soft cotton cloth, dip in mild detergent and wipe it gently. For the dust in the depression, you can brush it off along the gap with a soft wool brush. When cleaning, you can directly wipe the surface without a wet cloth as much as possible, and do not use a humidifier around.

Cloth furniture: cloth is easy to attach dust. Dust removal should be done well at ordinary times. Special vacuum cleaner should be used regularly to absorb all the dust on its surface.

2. Regular maintenance

In addition to daily cleaning and dust removal, regular maintenance is necessary, but it does not need to be too frequent. It is recommended to carry out professional maintenance on the furniture every 6-12 months to ensure lasting and refreshing.

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Any furniture side table is the carrier of home warmth. May every product of ours be with you for a long time under your careful care.

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