Precautions for maintaining terrazzo side table
TIME:2021-12-15 14:03:33 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

1. terrazzo side table Avoid direct sunlight

Furniture should be placed away from direct sunlight. It is easy to crack and brittle damage if exposed to the sun for a long time. On this point, special attention should be paid in summer and can not be ignored in winter.

If you want sunlight and don't want the furniture to be damaged, you can use translucent curtains to block the sunlight a little to avoid direct exposure.

terrazzo side table

2. side table Keep away from heat

Try to avoid placing the furniture near the hot air port or radiator of the air conditioner. The heat will not only make the furniture crack, local discoloration and poor drawer pulling, but also make the fabric dry, brittle and hard, lose the original willfulness, and accelerate the discoloration of the fabric. Therefore, the position of the furniture should be kept more than 50cm away from the air outlet of the air conditioner or heating.

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3. Keep terrazzo table "breathing"

Regularly change the placement of electronic equipment, storage boxes and decorations on the furniture surface to give the furniture full "breathing" space. The excellent paint coating on the furniture surface needs to work together with the "breathing" of wood to maintain a stable appearance and durability.

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