Maintenance of terrazzo side table in winter
TIME:2021-12-16 14:03:12 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

Although the sunshine in winter is far less intense than in other seasons, the dry and cold air and the baking of heating can easily lead to terrazzo side table deformation and cracking.

So, how should winter furniture be maintained?

1. Maintain indoor temperature

Humidity is the top priority in furniture maintenance in winter. In cold and dry winter, the furniture at home is easy to crack and even fade, so humidity is the key to furniture maintenance.

Maybe you'll think, why don't I just humidify it?

terrazzo side table

Humidification is OK, but it should be moderate. The moisture absorption characteristics of wood are easy to change under the influence of the environment, so it is best to humidify evenly and not close to the terrazzo side table.

 Of course, you can also keep moist by planting flowers and plants and raising fish. In short, it is appropriate to control the air humidity between 35% - 40%.

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2. Reduce window opening time

Many people will have such a wrong understanding that if the indoor temperature is high, windows should be opened to keep the furniture ventilated to prevent furniture cracking.

In fact, the higher the indoor temperature is, the more water content in the air saturation state is. In other words, the indoor humidity is higher than that outside. The real reason for the cracks in terrazzo table is humidity rather than temperature.

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Therefore, opening windows for ventilation in winter will only bring in the cold air outside and make the room drier. Therefore, in winter, we should reduce the time and times of opening windows for ventilation, which is the correct way of furniture maintenance.

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