Main outdoor sofa chair types on the market
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At home, you can take off the tired and relaxing space, lie down in the comfortable sofa at home and empty yourself, which is everyone's dream. However, if the outdoor sofa chair is not selected properly, the comfort will be greatly reduced and the quality of home life will be affected. Therefore, it needs a lot of choices to buy it. So how to choose a comfortable and beautiful sofa?

Category of sofa

At present, there are four popular sofas in the market: leather sofa, cloth sofa, solid wood sofa and rattan sofa. They all have their own characteristics.

outdoor sofa chair

Leather sofa

Leather sofa is noble and luxurious. For decoration, leather sofa has become an indispensable household product. It is strong and durable, heavy and steady, and has moderate flexibility and firmness. The leather sofa has texture and grade. It is also warm in winter and cool in summer, but it is easy to harden and the leather ages quickly.

Fabric sofa

outdoor sofa chair has fresh colors, unique shapes and fashionable styles. Among soft furniture, cloth sofa and soft bed are the most popular furniture. Most young people like this kind of products. Suitable for small space. Fabric sofa is leisure and comfortable with rich colors, but the surface fabric is easy to be dirty and difficult to take care of.

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Solid wood sofa

Solid wood furniture uses less glue and does not add artificial additives. Therefore, it is more natural, environmentally friendly and healthy than ordinary furniture. It has better durability and touch. It feels atmospheric, simple and natural as a whole, and is very popular with the public. Solid wood sofa has many styles and high grade, but it has large water content and is easy to deform.

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Rattan sofa

Rattan outdoor sofa chair furniture is one of the oldest furniture in history. It has a heroic and elegant style, so that rattan art furniture is not only simple and natural, fresh and refreshing, but also full of modern flavor and fashion charm. Rattan sofa is breathable and refreshing, suitable for all seasons, but it is easy to bend and crack due to fear of high temperature.

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