Rattan garden furniture, vogue household is necessary
TIME:2021-11-25 15:17:23 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    To like idyllic person, probably have a bit cane furniture complex. Especially in the height of summer, the cool feeling of rattan furniture is more endearing. Light, transparent, with the use of the longer and emitting a calm atmosphere, rattan material so that natural people more easily find the feeling.

    1. Rattan garden furniture has a long history

    Rattan garden furniture has a long history of development and utilization of Rattan in China. According to previous reports, before the Han Dynasty, Gaozu furniture did not appear, people sit and use furniture for mat, couch, which is woven into a Rattan Mat, Rattan Mat and bamboo mat, is a higher class mat.

    I'm afraid many people have the same impression of Rattan furniture in their memory. Midsummer night in the old outdoor rattan chairs cool, see grandma shaking the big cattail fan, listen to her "talk about the past" , slowly into dreamland, is the old matter of childhood.

    Rattan garden furniture

    Rattan material in the use of furniture is very wide, chair, couch, Mat, cabinet, storage basket and so on, can be used. In recent years, Rattan Mat because of its hygroscopicity, heat absorption, natural ventilation, moth-proofing, will not easily deformation and cracking and other physical properties and popular.

    2. New Rattan Garden Furniture is sought after

    Rattan furniture permeability strong, feel fresh, simple rattan natural color helps calm the nerves, summer bedroom if as much as possible use Rattan furniture, to the summer will be beneficial to sleep. Rattan furniture cool in summer and warm in winter, plus its original processing process through cooking, drying, bleaching, anti-mildew, sterilization and other processes, especially durable, a choice, 20 or even 30 years can benefit. This is also one of the reasons for the higher price of the real cane.


    In recent years, because Rattan material is popular again, make it becomes the new favorite of outdoor furniture. All Kinds of rattan wicker chair and supporting several stools, with linen cushion, become a lot of owners of outdoor space new beautiful scenery.

    Compared with the equally popular Tieyi outdoor furniture, rattan-woven furniture is more skin-friendly, soft and flexible and more comfortable; compared with wooden furniture, because not easy to crack more suitable for "stay" in the open air. In the afternoon, it is a great pleasure to enjoy a cup of Tea on the Rattan Sofa.


    In the Interior furniture, Rattan material and iron frame collocation, also achieved good results. The overall lithe and Nimble, moves the convenience, can construct the countryside style more, no matter is the natural color, the white, the coffee color or the gray, the Rattan Garden furniture all has a kind of temperament, matches the broken flower or the stripe cloth art, lets many female Hands All Over. After recent years of development, Rattan furniture style design is more trendy, has drawn a clear line, become a home fashion elements. Because Rattan furniture use after a long time will also have a similar "slurry" effect, so it has become a durable family, and do not show old.

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