round patio table and chairs are arranged on the balcony
TIME:2021-12-23 15:08:28 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    If you are on vacation, whether it's drinking, dessert or snacks, round patio table and chairs are the standard way to enhance the beauty of the balcony.

    round patio table and chairs

    Tables and chairs made of Teslin braided rope and aluminum alloy have high exit rate, light and flexible, and beautiful appearance. It is completely independent of the size of the site. Even in the narrow aisle, you can put round patio table and chairs.

    Compared with iron art, wooden tables and chairs have stronger and stronger texture, but they are relatively exquisite. They can be taken out in sunny days.

    E-catalogue 17-6_副本.jpg

    Rattan chairs are also very popular. The vines are tightly intertwined, with sufficient light and good ventilation.

    E-catalogue 17-20_副本.jpg

    If the balcony is large enough, you'd better choose a sofa that is softer and more comfortable than round table and chairs, which is more suitable for lying down and relaxing.

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