Production process of rattan furniture sofa
TIME:2021-12-24 15:00:46 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    Rattan processing and production process is complex, which requires us to go through cooking, drying, bleaching, mildew prevention, sterilization and other processes. The rattan furniture sofa made in this way is flexible, breathable and fresh.

    rattan furniture sofa

    Cool and comfortable in winter and summer, in line with the characteristics of the human body. More importantly, compared with plate tables and chairs, "rattan art" does not contain formaldehyde, is more environmentally friendly, and can better meet the new concept of mental health, safety and environmental protection of modern people in society.

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    When choosing woven rattan furniture sofa, don't think they will "conflict" with the original home decoration. In fact, the opposite is true. Sometimes several rattan chairs are placed in modern home to show the simplicity of fashion and better reflect the taste of the owner.

    Especially when the weather gets warmer, rattan tables and chairs are lighter than wooden tables and chairs and more flexible than metal tables and chairs. Whether it is the living room, study, restaurant or even bedroom, it gives people a fresh, natural, soft and light feeling.

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    Rattan chair, sofa and coffee table are all made of rattan, elegant, exquisite and round, showing the beauty of technology. rattan sofa, whether it is the exquisite and elegant rattan chair you dreamed of in childhood, or the lively, fresh and interesting rattan chair, is full of charm.

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