Functions of different materials of stacking garden chairs
TIME:2021-12-31 14:53:16 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    The sofa is made of high-quality nylon rope, aluminum alloy frame, high elastic sponge and other materials. The smooth lines of the sofa highlight the elegant and simple style of the furniture and provide a relatively quiet and comfortable outdoor life service experience for the stacking garden chairs.   

    In addition, the stacking chairs made of these materials is not easy to collapse and deformation and has strong durability. It can provide comfortable sitting posture and soft hand feeling, making outdoor life more comfortable.  

    stacking garden chairs

    In addition to the cloud dream sofa combination, the hanging basket is also worth mentioning. Because this hanging basket not only brings comfortable outdoor life experience, but also adds infinite fun to outdoor life.

    E-catalogue 16-5-1_副本.jpg

    Especially for the chair surface with PE cane and aluminum alloy frame, the sitting bag is full and comfortable, natural, comfortable and compatible. Even if you walk in the shade of the balcony or courtyard, the seat can provide a safe, comfortable and interesting experience.

    E-catalogue 16-5-3_副本.jpg

    In addition to Yunmeng sofa and hanging chair, there are many stacking garden chirs, including rattan tables and chairs, aluminum alloy tables and chairs, sunshade umbrella, etc.

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