It's most pleasant to drink tea round patio table with umbrella hole
TIME:2022-01-18 14:45:27 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    If you put a big round patio table with umbrella hole in the garden, you can have a cool place. Sitting around in the shade under the umbrella, chatting and drinking tea is the most comfortable!

    Sunshade, suitable for outdoor places.

    round patio table with umbrella hole

    The switch is very convenient. It doesn't take up space. It can be used anywhere in the courtyard, terrace or balcony. An umbrella can block the light rain.

    Different fabrics and colors have different shadow effects. The surface of the round patio table with umbrella hole hole is mainly canvas and nylon.

     When choosing table with umbrella hole, it is best to weave fabrics with high density and low light transmittance.

    E-catalogue 17-10-1_副本.jpg

    Generally speaking, the reflective effect of nylon fabric is poor. There is a kind of glass bead nylon fabric, which can be very light through reflection and sunlight. It can also develop and play an effective role in preventing rain.

    The handle and ribs also determine the style. The wooden umbrella rib and handle are matched with outdoor rattan furniture, which is more elegant and simple.

    Painted metal umbrella frame matches well with outdoor furniture such as iron, PVC and resin, which has a sense of fashion.

    E-catalogue 17-10-2_副本.jpg

    In addition, pay special attention to the firmness of the ribs and handle, and be sure to withstand a certain wind force. 

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