Wrought iron chairs customization need attention to details
TIME:2021-11-23 10:47:37 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    Wrought iron chairs customization must pay attention to the key points of furniture? With the passage of time, the development of society, now custom-made furniture has become the key to the hotel. Wood grain transfer printing has long become a very perfect smooth processing technology, in the furniture industry is very common, now many, iron dining chairs are all wood grain transfer material. Advantages and disadvantages of wood grain transfer printing chair of Iron Art. A good operation of the storefront must not be separated from the dining table and dining chair selection, custom-made suitable furniture is able to produce high economic benefits. Why don't we get to know each other!

    Wrought iron chairs

    The wrought iron chairs are slightly inferior to the solid wood hotel chair in the sense of hierarchy, and in some key points are all solved according to the method of electric welding, so there will be some small defects at the interface, this point as iron wood grain transfer printing dining chair is a major defect.

    The key to the advantage of the Tieyi Wood Grain Transfer Printing hotel chairs is reflected in the cost of the project. The appearance of the Tieyi Wood Grain Transfer Printing wrought iron dining chair is similar to that of the solid wood dining chair. In fact, it is made of iron, it is finished in the whole process of production and processing according to the processing technology of the veneered wood paper. Tieyi Wood Grain dining chair relative solid wood dining chair cost engineering cost much lower, and very strong durable, and become very popular one of the types of restaurant furniture. Low-cost, durable, beautiful and easy to use, but also it makes the cycle time is relatively short, you can consider some urgent applications of consumers.


    There are many kinds of wrought iron chairs style design, the tone can be customized according to the interior decoration style, applicable to bakery, beverage shop, fast food shop, Pizza Shop, Hong kong-style tea restaurant, restaurant, restaurant, noodle shop and most of the restaurant venues. Also has the iron craft woodiness grain chair in the peacetime application very easy maintenance clean, is one kind can give you very rest assured furniture.


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