How to correctly select rattan outdoor sofa set?
TIME:2022-03-10 15:33:06 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

A good hotel should not only have a good environment, good service and good reputation, but also pay enough attention to every detail and goal.

A good set of dining tables and chairs can be used to make the dining environment more comfortable. The special tables and chairs in the hotel restaurant highlight the temperament of the hotel restaurant and add charm to the hotel restaurant

So how to choose the rattan outdoor sofa set?

rattan outdoor sofa set

1 .determine the dining area and dining chair of the restaurant

The dining space is determined and the area is large. There is an independent restaurant. You can choose a table with a strong sense of weight

2. Choose dining tables and chairs according to the style of the hotel

If the hotel decoration is luxurious, you can choose classical European style, luxurious, noble and elegant tables and chairs.

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3. Look at the workmanship of rattan outdoor sofa set

In order to judge whether the wood products are in good condition, we can observe from the combined parts, mainly to observe the rationality and firmness of the connection points between the hardware parts of the combined furniture.

The connection requires the overall structure of the furniture to be of high quality. All the connection points must be closed, seamless tables, chairs, drawers and cabinet doors can be opened and closed flexibly, and confirm that there is no problem around the glass door and it is very smooth

Observe the surface of the dining table and chair for defects.

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Check whether the surface of tables and chairs is smooth and bright, and whether there are sagging, blistering, wrinkling and other problems. In addition, pay attention to the color difference and pattern of tables and chairs decorative board, and there shall be no rust spots, wiring, broken wires, etc.

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