gray wicker dining chairs selection of different materials
TIME:2022-04-19 14:50:28 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    Iron has the disadvantage of being easy to rust. When selecting, it should be noted that the antirust treatment must be in place, and the protective oxide layer on the surface of iron gray wicker dining chairs is very easy to wear. When using, avoid bumping on the surface of furniture.

    The retro iron bracket holds up the solid wood strip with scar section. No matter what kind of outdoor furniture this collocation is used, it will make people feel harmonious and natural, with a trace of nostalgic rural style.

    gray wicker dining chairs

    Rattan furniture is mainly made of rattan leisure chairs. In terms of modeling, different styles of Chinese and Western furniture can be combined to show different rattan customs.

    In the gray wicker dining chairs, some are natural and comfortable rattan materials with colorful bags. The decoration of cloth art makes the rattan furniture fresh and flexible immediately; Some are made of rattan materials with iron art, showing the unique taste of combining hardness and softness; Another is the seat made of pure rattan products.

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    Some of these styles are designed as separate seats, while others are designed as traditional rocking chairs. The height of the rattan chair also breaks the traditional scale and has a variety of choices. The gray wicker dining chairs almost as high as the ground is particularly friendly with the embellishment of the bag. People can't help but think of sitting cross legged and enjoying life on this square inch rattan chair.

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