Knowledge of wicker cafe chairs
TIME:2022-04-19 14:54:22 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    From the original wicker cafe chairs, bamboo stool, rattan chair and wooden table to today's outdoor furniture of various materials and styles, it increasingly reflects people's demand for quality and comfortable life.

    wicker cafe chairs

    For the pursuit of outdoor life, urban space and nature, outdoor furniture is not hindered by space, and there is no detailed agreement on specific style and form, so as to leave more unrestrained space for the design.

    Diversified materials create fashion charm,It has to be said that the design masters of wicker cafe chairs have injected considerable energy into the selection and matching of materials.

    E-catalogue 17-10_副本.jpg

     and are committed to using smart techniques to obtain the combined performance from the special texture of all furniture materials, such as wood, rattan, textile, metal, synthetic materials and so on.

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    It gives people a very natural and comfortable sense of vision and touch. The independent use of any material or the mixed design of any two materials will show different style.

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