Modern fashion sense of wicker cafe chairs
TIME:2022-04-19 14:57:44 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    The combination of alloy and polymer materials wicker cafe chairs is a combination of modernity and fashion style. This new material is mostly characterized by light weight, portability, easy disassembly and easy movement, and advocates minimalism.

    Due to the special properties of the material, designers will constantly modify the lines and angles in the design process to achieve the effect of coordination with the human body.

    wicker cafe chairs

    Diversified material collocation brings people diversified senses. wicker cafe chairs Whether friendly, cold, cutting-edge, retro, perceptual and rational, they will show their unique charm in the outdoor space full of infinite vitality.

    E-catalogue 17-14_副本.jpg

    In addition, the material selection of the internal frame of outdoor furniture is also particularly important.

    E-catalogue 17-18_副本.jpg

    The use of light alloy materials makes it easy to move outdoors; If the metal frame is used for outdoor furniture, it can be formed at one time and reduce the solder joints, which is conducive to maintaining stability and reducing the deformation caused by the influence of natural conditions.

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