resin wicker dining chairs Chinese style makes life easier
TIME:2022-04-20 13:55:58 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    If you place a flower table and tea table with exquisite workmanship and patterns in the reception hall, it will bring unexpected results.

     In the restaurant, four Chinese resin wicker dining chairs without armrests can be configured with the restaurant to form a very Chinese dining area, and the square or circular chairs and stools can also be used as tea tables because of their convenient movement. The Chinese screen is beautiful and elegant. If it is used to divide the space area, it also has a unique flavor.

    resin wicker dining chairs

    The beauty of Chinese style resin wicker dining chairs lies in its calmness. Its smooth structural lines and texture and color of the material itself exude charming charm.

    Just like the temperament respected by traditional Chinese culture: the introverted and noble style is revealed in the details, so it is more and more loved by people and enters more families.

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    Chinese rattan furniture manufacturers mostly use dark solid wood, which makes people feel too stocky and thick.

    E-catalogue 17-22_副本.jpg

    The combination of steel beam and glass forms a contrast between modern structure and Chinese elements. Because of the appearance of modern structure, the Chinese style feeling is less heavy, and the large-area lighting setting brings a more simple and natural feeling.

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