The difference of Chinese resin wicker outdoor chairs
TIME:2022-04-20 13:59:33 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    resin wicker outdoor chairs The combination of incompatible elements is the strength of modern people. The avant-garde and avant-garde visual language of modern art naturally makes Chinese style more fashionable and different.

    There are many choices for the theme and type of works of art. Whether it is painting, photography or sculpture, whether it is abstract, realistic or with strong dreamy color, it will not affect the fresh effect it brings to the Chinese style.

    resin wicker outdoor chairs

    Chinese traditional indoor resin wicker outdoor chairs include calligraphy and painting, plaque, hanging screen, bonsai, porcelain, antiques, screen, ancient shelf, etc., pursuing a life realm of self-cultivation.

    The characteristics of Chinese traditional interior decoration art are that the overall layout is symmetrical and balanced, correct and stable, while advocating natural taste in decorative details, flowers, birds, fish and insects are exquisitely carved and full of changes, which fully reflects the spirit of Chinese traditional aesthetics.

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    Even the traditional Chinese color and furniture show different artistic conception after re combination and deployment.

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    The traditional Chinese style pays attention to symmetry, while the new Chinese style breaks this point in layout. The scattered relationship between furniture and bag can break the boredom of too many traditional elements.

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