Modern flavor of Chinese simple resin wicker outdoor chairs
TIME:2022-04-20 14:01:49 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    In the modern environment, a single Chinese element may mean an overly "rigid" lifestyle. If more styles are mixed together to make them separate and connect with each other, it will show a more hierarchical beauty and make life more "flexible".

    Many improved Chinese elements either have gorgeous colors, or have shiny fluorescent effects. The patterns may also be different from the traditional Chinese patterns in the past. Therefore, we can add some Western flavor to the Chinese style.

    resin wicker outdoor chairs

    resin wicker outdoor chairs with monochrome walls often produces a dull and monotonous feeling. Against the background of modern pattern wallpaper, the heaviness of Chinese furniture disappears, but makes the whole space feel fresh.

    The shape and color of Chinese simple rattan art furniture are very eye-catching. For families who don't want to change the original modern atmosphere, the number of Chinese classical furniture can't be too much.

    E-catalogue 17-13-1_副本.jpg

    The whole set of furnishings in a large space looks magnificent. Ordinary families only need to buy one or two pieces, which is the highlight.

    E-catalogue 17-13-2_副本.jpg

    For example, the fashionable and exquisite modern rattan sofa is full of the flavor of the times in the living room. resin wicker outdoor chairs The paired armchairs or official hat chairs can also coexist peacefully with the Western sofa, which not only creates the unique style of the East, but also has practical functions. 

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