wicker table chairs in modern families
TIME:2022-04-21 11:00:37 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    In modern families, several pieces of wicker table chairs are occasionally displayed, which is beautiful and generous with traditional characteristics.

    It is somewhat simple in fashion, reflecting the style and taste of the owner. In terms of color, the color of modern rattan furniture is poetic and picturesque, with silver gray tranquility, bronze romance, red brown composure, dark green mystery, crystal clear, smooth and round.

    wicker table chairs

    In addition, in the choice of color system, rattan furniture in primary color is more popular this year, which will be less constrained by the color of the room.

    It can be matched with any wallpaper and other color elements of the room. It can also be matched with some cushions or cloth decorations in bright colors such as apple green and orange, showing an elegant and natural feeling.

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    wicker table chairs of different colors can bring different feelings to the room, such as green and white, which makes people feel lively and leisure; Blue makes the home elegant and quiet; Brown is calm and natural; Alternate colors highlight trends and fashion.

     Therefore, when choosing rattan furniture, we should first consider the coordination with the room and work hard on the color.

    Rattan furniture is mainly dark brown, coffee and beige. It can also be painted with various colors according to the overall household effect. It has strong plasticity and is easy to integrate with the overall space.

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    If you want to make some mixed and matched effects, you can also choose one or two pieces of rattan furniture to create another unique visual effect for the space together with cloth art, bamboo art, wood art and iron art, reflecting the personalized modern fashion.

     It can also be matched with simple and generous rattan lighting to double the color of the home style.

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