Classical Chinese wicker table chairs
TIME:2022-04-21 11:02:41 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    Classical Chinese style wicker table chairs pays attention to both shape, spirit and color. Therefore, for friends who like Chinese style rattan furniture decoration, these three elements should be present in the bedroom atmosphere in order to present you with a complete classical and Chinese effect.

    Next, Tengmu furniture factory teaches you how to meet the living atmosphere of shape, spirit and color.

    wicker table chairs

    It mainly uses rattan furniture, or porcelain, which is indispensable in Chinese style.

    After the designer's careful transformation, the wood material has created many furniture that not only conforms to the use habits of modern people, but also has classical charm. With all kinds of Chinese porcelain, the practical decoration is correct. Bright and clean porcelain and calm and restrained wicker table chairs create a strong Chinese atmosphere.

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    Rattan furniture has a variety of styles. The general style is that the main skeleton is made of thick rattan, and other sides are made of fine rattan, so that the furniture has space and forms good air permeability and touch.

    Because of its soft texture and high ductility, rattan can shape more changeable shapes or lines. Therefore, it often has unique furniture shapes, which are both strong and beautiful.

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    Rattan furniture is more light and romantic than wooden furniture, and less tenacious than metal furniture. Its fresh and natural temperament is unique. It is the most natural and practical decoration in the family.

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