stackable wicker patio chairs should be well protected against corrosion
TIME:2022-04-22 10:26:31 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    As the most sunny space in the home, balcony and entrance garden bring a lot of fun to the owner. However, some stackable wicker patio chairs often can not resist the sun and rain, shorten the service life, and also add a lot of trouble to the owners.

    Phenomenon balcony woodwork is so fragile

    The home of Miss Qiu, a citizen of Nanning, was renovated in 2007 in European style, mainly in white and blue. Ms. Qiu's balcony is relatively large. In order to increase the storage space, she asked the carpenter to create a white hanging cabinet on one side of the balcony.

    stackable wicker patio chairs

    When the hanging cabinet was just made, it was very eye-catching. The pure white matched with the blue decoration in the house, stackable wicker patio chairs filled with a Mediterranean style. However, the good times did not last long. Due to the wind and sun, the hanging cabinet turned yellow and the paint skin chapped.

    In Miss Qiu's words, it is "at first glance, it seems to be deliberately old. When you look carefully, it has been in tattered condition. Over time, the skin has fallen off".

    The reporter recently visited some decoration sites and found that there are not many hanging cabinets on the balcony. Home decoration designer Wu Jun recently received a grey wicker outdoor chairs. He told reporters: "the balcony of the owner's home is northward. There are few opportunities for direct sunlight in a year, which is more conducive to doing woodwork outdoors.

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    Choose a location close to the house and try to avoid the wind and sun. " Outdoor cabinets are easy to fade after a long time. The industry has psychological preparation.

    The use of dark plates, once faded, will not affect the appearance too much. "We suggest that she use the board of the cabinet, which is waterproof, high temperature resistant and not easy to deform".

    Misunderstanding that rattan furniture can be placed outdoors for a long time

    "I always thought rattan furniture could be placed outdoors, so when decorating, I bought a set of leisure rattan tables and chairs and put them on the leisure balcony.

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    However, before long, this rattan furniture often "dropped powder", and it was found that it was infested. The more you think about it, the more disgusting it becomes. You have to throw it away in less than half a year. " Now, Miss Xu, a citizen of Nanning, still feels a little pity when she thinks of the rattan furniture.

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