China's waterproof outdoor sofa market norms
TIME:2022-04-27 14:41:38 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    At this stage, China's waterproof outdoor sofa market is not standardized, with mixed fish and dragons, disorderly and vicious competition affecting the overall market environment. Due to the different placement environment, outdoor furniture has more strict requirements on material selection and technology than indoor furniture.

    waterproof outdoor sofa

    However, because the concept of outdoor leisure has not been popularized in China, the vast majority of consumers do not understand outdoor furniture and can only blindly listen to the introduction of the shopping guide when purchasing products.

    Some enterprises and dealers with ulterior motives take advantage of this to lower product quality standards, use price advantages to attract customers, and completely ignore the harm caused by low-quality products to people's bodies and the sustainable development of the industry.

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    For this phenomenon, some surveyed dealers are very worried. They said that if it is allowed to develop maliciously, the emerging outdoor boom of domestic consumers is likely to be extinguished by this basin of "ice water".

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    The common quality loss events have made consumers like a bird in shock. waterproof outdoor sofa Once they are "hurt", it is even more difficult to recover.

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